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Curiosity is always most powerful when the answer you most desire is blunt, pure, and straightforward. And most oft! It is you who must take it upon yourself to answer your own questions; quell your desires...

Take my own fiction, Mother Meki. Yet to be released (or written!) it satisfies a rather basic plot idea/historical happening I've been dying to read about, yet could never actually come across for more than a sentence or two in a placid, ripped, and stained book from 1964- the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat, come to a point of the persecution of the bourgeoisie. When I chance across a book about "Lenin", "Mao", "Che Guevara", there is little chance I'd put actually stock in their philosophies. No, what I come for is the violence. The retribution. The "poor man enacts revenge against rich man". The "starved and beat the former landlords, the nobles, the tyrants, rich, and capitalists, and brutally oppressed them." I couldn't care less for "so-and-so disagreed with Lenin," "border disputes," "White Army did this," "foreign minister said that,"... Fine and all on some days, but when I desire something.... more *radical*, if that's the word, I turn to my own dark thoughts. After all, Mother Meki is a three-part novel about a bunch of revolutionaries harassing, raping, and torturing a princess, only for the revolutionaries to become rich and take it upon themselves to protect said fallen princess from another noble who believes thy two to be 'fallen ultraterrestrials'. And excessive transhumanism! No, Rage Against the Machine. I like Producer more than Take The Power Back for the obvious reason- the former speaks about hanging rich, white people and burning down their houses. The other- how about my history teacher is droll anarchist hiding under some forced-conformity suit.
Though I may not be a communist, I love class conflict. More than that, I love reversed class oppression.  Sad that no punk band even dares speak of this. (Anti-Flag, Propaghandi... you let me down.)

Another case for me-  rock and roll. I can not prescribe to nearly all alternative rock bands, and many 'reg' rock bands, as fulfilling that need for a true "rock-out" song. Since I will most probably usher in the apocalypse if I dare attempt to use an instrument- imagine from this vocals!- I've been forced to traverse through the backwater and invisible areas of YouTube for a song that satisfies me greatly. I've actually found it and many like it- Fire and the Void, from False Prophet, is that utterly classic blues metal sound I've craved for years. Broken Vows- Pentagram. Hot Smoke- The Soul Breaker Company. Most all of stoner rock. Most all of psychedelic hard rock. Radio Moscow. Wolfmother. Rival Sons.
Blues rock *is* rock. To me.

I'd rather the fried meatpie with meat and seasoning alone well over the one with the 23 different meats and veggies.
Purity, I do love. Also, monkeys and robots.
Good day.


United States

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